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Open Ports
for macOS

💻 Lives in your menu bar.
List, browse, copy, terminate or kill open ports. Everything is just one click away!
🐳 Using Docker for Mac?
Open Ports will let you manage containers with published ports too!
🪄 Customizable.
Ignore ports that you don't care about, which is what I should have done with that Discord process. Wait, why does Discord need to open a port anyway?
🐣 It may have an easter egg.
Can you find it? I bet you can't!

Want to use the terminal instead?

OpenPorts is basically a GUI for `lsof` and `kill`

How to list all open network ports on macOS?

Use the `lsof` command on your preferred terminal:

lsof -P -iTCP -sTCP:LISTEN +c0
  • COMMAND is the name of the process that opened the port.
  • PID is the process id, you need this if you intendo to terminate this process.
  • NAME column contains the port number in which the process is listening.
How to kill process on port with macOS?

After running the command above, find the PID of the process you want to terminate.

Use the `kill` command to gracefully terminate a process:

kill -15 {PID}

If the above doesn't work, the process may be not respoding. You can force kill it with:

kill -9 {PID}